New York State Game Industry Census
Thanks for taking part in the NYC Games Hub Census. Your answers will help us better support professional game makers in New York, and to lobby on their behalf.

We've established as a site to showcase the wide range of commercially successful and creative groundbreaking work being done in NYC and across the state. Contribute your information here to be part of this directory.

As a thank you from us, we'll also be donating free tickets to the PRACTICE: Game Design in Detail conference, in November 2017 ( Enter your email in the survey for your chance to receive a pair of tickets.

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Thank you for telling us about the games you make. We'll update the Hub site with your information shortly. Please note that the site catalogues professional New York game makers only, and other entries will not be included. 

Drawings for the free tickets for the PRACTICE conference will take place in April. Keep an eye on your inbox!

Please share this survey with your colleagues, friends and followers. The more we know about game makers in New York, the more we can do to support them!
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